The main objective of this subprogram is to reduce as much as possible the amount of solid waste that is generated in the purchase process or to avoid reusing or repairing a discarded good, with special emphasis on those materials that are more harmful to the environment and beings that inhabit it.


Recycling is one of the most important tasks to reduce the amount of solid waste that a community contributes to its disposal site, once its production has been minimized through better practices in the acquisition, consumption, reuse and repair of goods.


One of the biggest problems of our time is the collection and disposal of garbage. The lack of adequate land, as is our case, only aggravates this problem. Promoting reduction and recycling, on the other hand, promote that less waste enters this process.


The basis for the transformation of the consumer society into a society that is aware and responsible for its future is education, a discipline that transcends the aforementioned. Education must be applied at all levels, starting with children and adolescents, but without neglecting adults.